National Computer-Assisted Command Post Exercise “Esen 2018” Started in Bulgaria

SOFIA, Bulgaria, (, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence published information on the ongoing national computer-assisted Command Post Exercise Esen – 2018, which is being conducted since yesterday at the Charalitsa National Military Training Complex and at the posts for permanent deployment of military units in eight garrisons in the country. The current exercise is being held in three phases in the period from 5 to 9 November, learned

Esen – 2018 gathers more than 650 servicemen of the Bulgarian Defence Ministry, the structures directly subordinated to the Minister of Defence, Joint Forces Command, Commands of the types of military forces, as well as the military forces, the 68th Special Forces Brigade, NATO Force Integration Unit and Joint Forces Command headquarters and formations.

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The plan for the conducting of this year’s Command Post Exercise is based on a scenario describing crisis, which arises between fictitious neighboring countries using the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. In particular, the purpose of Esen – 2018 is the participants to enhance their collaboration, to improve their joint activities, as well as their readiness to plan and carry out an operation to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Bulgaria. The training will also verify the readiness of the participating structures and headquarters to deploy NATO forces on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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The communication and information system of the Ministry of Defense and the Bulgarian Army is being used in the exercise in order to be achieved the set goals. It provides a unified environment for the exchange of information between the participants from the control and these in areas for permanent deployment. The WEB applications of the system provide a common situational awareness and increase the reliability of the command and control system.

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An officer, in charge of planning the computer-assisted military exercise Esen – 2018, is the Chief of Defence Lieutenant General Andrey Botsev and the Deputy Chief of Defence Lieutenant General Dimitar Iliev is appointed as an officer conducting the training itself.

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Source: MoD of the Republic of Bulgaria