AM General Will Support the Modernization of the US Army through 740 New HMMWVs

SOUTH BEND, Indiana, the USA ( – The global vehicle solutions provider, AM General, announced at the beginning of last week that the company will support the modernization of the United States Army by providing 740 new M1152A1 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV) to the U.S. Army National Guard under an order, learned

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In addition, the AM General recently received a STS (Systems Technical Support) services contract for the family of HMMWVs at the amount of approximately $121 million. The duration of that contract is five years. The STS services contract will support government task orders for engineering, logistics, and quality assurance projects among other orders.

Executive Vice President, U.S. Defence, Chris Vanslager commented, “At AM General, we pride ourselves in our ability to meet our customer’s needs, which is why we are able to provide the U.S. Army with new, updated light tactical vehicles as well as support them by continuously improving the existing fleet and developing new technologies for the platform. Our M1152A1 HMMWVs provide the U.S. army with a robust and modern vehicle platform capable of performing in the toughest conditions anywhere in the world. The recent STS services contract award also provides us the opportunity to improve our product while closely working alongside our government partners to support the HMMWV.”

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The M1152A1 is the single cab with open cargo area HMMWV version, which is improved with Integrated Armour Protection and may be used as a troop or cargo transport vehicle.

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The second quarter of 2019 will see the delivery of the newly ordered M1152A1 HMMWVs.

About AM General

AM General is the world leader in design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics support of tactical vehicles for military customers all over the world (300,000 produced and sustained vehicles in over 70 countries). However, the company also designs, engineers, manufactures, supplies and supports specialized vehicles for commercial customers. The major facilities of AM General are located in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

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Source: AM General