CONTROP Announced the Launching of Its iSea-25HD

HOD HASHARO, Israel ( – On 17 October 2018, the prominent developer and manufacturer of long-range, intruder detection systems for a variety of defence and civilian applications, CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd., announced the launching of its new compact surveillance system for naval missions iSea-25HD, exhibited at EuroNaval 2018, learned

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. is a company specializing in the field of Electro-Optics (EO) and InfraRed (IR) defense and homeland security solutions. Its iSea-25HD was specially designed for maritime vessels and remote weapon stations (RWS) and it is the newest member of the family of surveillance systems for maritime missions of CONTROP, which further extends its maritime surveillance capabilities.

Mr. Ra’anan Shelach, the Vice President ‘Marketing’ at CONTROP, shared, “Advanced operational capabilities are enabled by the stabilized line-of-sight delivered by our innovative system, ensuring tactical superiority even in the harshest and most unforgiving environmental conditions. Real-time video image stability in the face of the most challenging conditions is critical for our naval customers.”

The iSea-25HD is a remarkable, advanced stabilization system, which provides a stable, continuous and uninterrupted line-of-sight (LOS) and thus ensuring a very clear picture, even in the roughest of seas. The system is compatible with RWSs such as the Rafael’s Typhoon System, whereby maintaining boresight in conditions of shocks and vibrations. The iSea-25HD involves digital and mechanical compensatory mechanisms that CONTROP has developed for precise shooting purposes. Fogs, salinity, and moisture are not an issue for that robust system. It is designed so that to withstands even the harshest environmental conditions.

The system has low weight and is gyro-stabilized. It provides maximum range surveillance through highly sensitive sensors, including a high performance Thermal Imaging (TI) Camera using 3-5µ IR detector with a continuous zoom lens, a high sensitivity colour Day Camera, as well as an Eyesafe Laser Range Finder (LRF). In addition, the system is provided with advanced image processing and video enhancement algorithms. It is an excellent option for border surveillance, search and rescue, law enforcement, EEZ protection, counter piracy, and special operations.

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