The U.S. Army Is to Update Its Air-and-Missile Defence Strategy

WASHINGTON, the USA ( — The Pentagon considers that it is time for the U.S. Army to be modernized and that it shall even overmatch its near-peer adversaries Russia and China. In that connection the U.S. Army is to update its air-and-missile defence (AMD) strategy accordingly, learned

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Missile defence is of significant importance for the new National Defence Strategy (NDS), which was unveiled earlier this year.

At the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual conference, the head of the Army’s Space and Missile Defence Command, Lt. Gen. James Dickinson, shared, “We’ve got a great defence budget right now. The investments we are making right now, that are in line with what that strategy [is], will eventually roll out,” and added, “We now see threats that we didn’t see necessarily back in 2015 as near peer, and so we’ve had to adjust our strategy or tailor our strategy to make sure that we account for that.”

At the beginning of this year Dickinson had said that the strategy would roll out in the summer, but that was announced before the release of the NDS. He would not comment on when the strategy might come out.

Dickinson commented further, “We’ve got some wonderful systems that we have, and have developed over many years, that are very capable and very lethal. We need to make sure that we build those capabilities so that they are integrated together and that they are tiered. And what I mean by tiered is that you have more than one capability that can defeat a certain threat or certain threats.”

The present goal of the U.S. Army is to tie together two of its major AMD systems — the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system and the Patriot medium-range missile defence system — so that to detect and respond at larger ranges, as well as to supply flexible defeat options to commanders.

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It is also being developed an Integrated AMD system for the purposes of replacing Patriot that will have a new command-and control system and a new, more capable radar.

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In addition, the Indirect Fire Protection Capability Increment 2 program of the Army is also ongoing for addressing the cruise missile threat.

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Source: Defense News