The French Army Received the First Two VT4 Light Tactical Vehicles of Arquus

PARIS, France ( – The historical partner of armies, Arquus, announced on 15th October 2018 that the company has delivered its first two VT4 light tactical vehicles to the 12th Régiment de Cuirassiers (an armoured cavalry (tank) regiment of the French Army) during an emblematic ceremony as part of the Scorpion replacement program, learned

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The delivery ceremony was organized by the SIMMT – a structure of the Army, which is in charge of the maintenance of all Land equipment, at the Satory military facilities, and was held in the presence of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army Major General Charles Beaudouin, in charge of Plans and Programs.

The VT4s are the first of the 3,700 vehicles commissioned for the Army to be delivered, out of 4,380 ordered by the Defence Ministry.

The Scorpion replacement program was announced in December 2016 by the Minister of Defence during his visit to the Arquus maintenance facility (and logistics centre) in Fourchambault (central France).

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The Scorpion contract for the production of a new generation of wheeled armoured personnel carriers, namely the multi-role armoured vehicle and the armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle, was awarded by the French Ministry of Defence to a short-term consortium. That consortium consists of three members and one of them is Arquus, which also provides the powertrains and close-range defence remote controlled systems operated by the two VT4 vehicles, as well as full logistics for spare parts and Scorpion subsystems.

The Scorpion program, which is conducted in partnership with Ford, consists in militarizing a 4WD civilian base through adding more than 250 new references in the field of mobility (suspension, brakes), ergonomics and incorporation of military equipment for the standard 1 models. The goal is to be combined the comfort and safety of modern vehicles with the mobility and ruggedness needed for military operations.

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Source: Arquus