Six People Injured during an Accident in “Arsenal” Military Plant

KAZANLAK, Bulgaria ( – Today, a second accident for this year, due to local ignition, has happened in the one of the workshops of the Bulgarian military plant “Arsenal”, located in the town of Kazanlak. This was reported earlier today by BGNES Agency, learned

The breakdown happened this morning, shortly after 9am in the 120 workshop of Arsenal’s plant 3. The news agency reports that at the time of the accident, six people, working in the plant, have been wounded, with one of them seriously with a chest injury but non-life-threatening. The other five workers are said to have minor superficial injuries and burns. This was stated earlier and by the director of the regional directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Stara Zagora, senior commissioner Georgi Hadjiev, who also refered to the words of the director of the hospital in Kazanlak that no one of the employees, being at the time of the accident, does not have life threatening injuries.

The accident happened due to local ignition, cause of which is not been established yet. There is no danger of its spreading.

In order to be given first aid to the wounded employees of “Arsenal”, all of the have been transported to the emergency medical center of Kazanlak.

The management of the armaments plant reported that the injured employees are between 23 and 60 years and listed their names, as follows: Dimitar D., Mihail B., Desislav I., Georgi G., Rumen P. and Mitko S.

Stara Zagora regional prosecutor, Dicho Atanasov, said that an initial investigation is about to begin and in accordance with the collected information, so far an investigation will be initiated under Article 134 of the Criminal Code for an accident at work causing average bodily injury.

This is the second accident in the Bulgarian Military Plant for this year. We remind you that previously in March, there was an explosion in one of the “Arsenal” workshops, leaving material damage and two people death. Then, as a reason was cited violation of the safety instructions.

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In 2016, there were three victims of accidents in “Arsenal” arms manufacturing plant, and at the end of February 2014, in an explosion died another employee. Previously in September 2012, a series of explosions occurred in the armaments plant.

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