Bulgarian Servicemen to Participate in the NATO Mission Iraq (NMI)

SOFIA, Bulgaria (BulgarianMilitary.com) – In a statement of the Cabinet, released earlier today, it is said that at today’s meeting, the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria has adopted a decision, according to which our country would participate in the new NATO Mission Iraq (NMI), by sending in it up to four servicemen of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

The Bulgarian soldiers would be sent there with their personal weapons and equipment, and would participate for the entire duration of the mission. The statement says that Bulgaria to be included and to take part in the NATO mission, is a “practical expression” of our contribution to the efforts that the Alliance makes in its fight against terrorism as well as in the preparation and building of capabilities of Iraq’s security forces and institutions.

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At the July NATO summit in Brussels, the leaders of the Alliance have launched a non-combat training and capacity-building mission on the territory of Iraq, which was in a response to a previous request to be scaled up the efforts in the training and in the advising, made by the Government of Iraq.

NATO training mission in Iraq aims to advise the personnel of Ministry of Defence and the Office of the National Security Advisor, as well as to train instructors in professional military institutions in order to support Iraq to develop its capabilities to establish more effective national security structures and professional military training institutions. This is defined as crucial for the stability of the country and the wider region as well as for the NATO member states security.

Another decision that the Bulgarian Council of Ministers has adopted during their meeting today, allows the sending of up to 140 servicemen and 40 units military equipment of the national support element and the light manoeuvre company, previously certified for a deployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the EU operation EUFOR ALTHEA, now to be send and used in the KFOR operational reserve force (ORF). They will remain on the territory of Bulgaria, for a period of 10 days, being ready for deployment.

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The increasing of the Bulgarian contribution to the critical shortage of forces for this mission will make our participation in Balkans operations more prominent, saving power and resources, as well.

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