Makarov PM May be Replaced with Rostec New 9x21mm Pistol

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation, ( –In an interview to the Russian Information Agency Novosti, given last week, Albert Bakov, General Director of The Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH) spoke about some of the developments that the member of Rostec is currently working on. In his statement he revealed the fact that the Russian designer and producer of firearms, TSNIITOCHMASH, has developed a 9x21mm pistol, learned

Albert Bakov stated that the company has developed the new pistol for benefit of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and law enforcement services. The new 9x21mm firearm is said to be created in order to enhance the capabilities of the Russian military and police services and in future it may replace the legendary Makarov PM semi-automatic handgun, which is the services’ current main personal weapon. It is also used by the armed and security forces officers in former Warsaw Pact member-nations including by those in China.

The TSNIITOCHMASH General Director also revealed that the new firearm is being tested at ranges, with official tests projected to be completed by December 2018, in accordance with a directive of the Ministry of Defence. The final decision for the supply will be made by the Russian Armed Forces, after the trials.

Speaking on the topic, Sergey Abramov, Industrial Director of the Cluster of Conventional Armament, Ammunition and Special Chemistry at Rostec said: “This project proves again that Russia has all knowledge and capabilities that are necessary to create high-quality small arms, including short arms. Such a product requires a wide range of expertise from basic sciences to metallurgy.” And added that there are many countries whose machine industries are advanced but they can’t afford to develop their own pistols. According to him, the new project of TSNIITOCHMASH undoubtedly will be noticed on the market.

The Makarov PM was developed by the Soviet firearms designer, Nikolay Makarov and acquired in 1951. Since 1929, it was produced on the basis of the German Walther PP blowback-operated semi-automatic pistols, later on it underwent improvements, one of which – a simplified, solid and less dependent on external conditions design.

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