A New Rifle Sight of Raytheon ELCAN Offers “a Much Clearer and Less Grainy Image”

WASHINGTON, the USA (BulgarianMilitary.com) – In the middle of last week, on 10th October 2018, Raytheon announced that the company has developed the ELCAN Specter® close quarters sight, which allows ground troops to identify targets quicker and thus to make better decisions, learned BulgarianMilitary.com

Thanks to the new reflex rifle sight, which is provided with a large window and LED technology, soldiers will have a sharper image. Developed especially for use in close quarters, the new sight has large high transmission windows, so that both eyes may be open for increased situational awareness.

Dan Pettry, product manager for Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies rifle sights, commented, “Soldiers who use this new sight will immediately see a much clearer and less grainy image. That’s especially important when used with a magnifier.”

The 1XL reflex sight has multiple reticle options. It can be switched from red dot or red dot with circle patterns without compromising image quality, offered in a lightweight package.

The VP of engineering at Raytheon ELCAN Wolf Glage said, “Raytheon ELCAN designed the Specter 1XL sight with ruggedness in mind, based on years of experience building the toughest sights in today’s military market.”

The newest addition to the company’s reflex sights line, the ELCAN Specter 1XL CQS, is being evaluated by several allied militaries.

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About Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies

Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies is a global leading company in the optics industry. It offers technologically sophisticated and superior quality optical solutions meeting strict military and commercial specifications. Raytheon ELCAN Specter® rifle sights are reported to be the easiest, most accurate small arms targeting systems featuring operational simplicity, rugged performance and high precision optics.

About Raytheon

Raytheon is company with a history of 96 years headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. It is a technology and innovation leader offering products and services for the needs of the defence sector, as well as civil government and cybersecurity solutions for customers in more than 80 countries. The company features $25 billion sales and 64,000 employees for 2017.

Thanks to its experience, commercial best practices, and advanced technology Raytheon is capable of identifying and mitigating threats to systems, networks and equipment for various global commercial and government organizations.

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Source: Raytheon