The 155mm BONUS Precision-Guided Munitions of BAE Systems Will Be Acquired by the US Army

KARLSKOGA, Sweden ( – BAE Systems revealed on 9th October 2018 that its Bofors 155mm BONUS precision-guided munitions will be acquired by the U.S. Army under a contract with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), learned

The managing director for BAE Systems’ Weapon Systems business in Sweden Lena Gillström shared, “The proven reliability and mission success of BONUS make it an ideal solution for the U.S. Army as it continues to invest in advanced technological capabilities for its forces.”

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The latest variant of BONUS defeats heavily armoured targets and can be fired from any 155-millimetre artillery system such as M777 lightweight towed howitzers and the M109 self-propelled howitzer family of vehicles.

By carrying two smart munitions, which have advanced sensors enabling each one to independently seek out and destroy separate targets within a radius of 32,000 square meters, BONUS is much more capable in comparison to traditional munitions and its mission success per round is significantly better than with traditional ammunition.

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BONUS is developed and produced in cooperation by BAE Systems in Sweden and Nexter in France and manufactured at the BAE Systems facility in Karlskoga, Sweden.
The execution of the works under the contract will start immediately. The deliveries are scheduled for 2020.

“This contract furthers our position at the forefront of innovation in delivering smart munitions to the current and future battle space. The U.S. Army is now joining a number of international counterparts deploying these munitions, as interest in BONUS continues to grow worldwide,” added Lena Gillström.

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BONUS is operated also in Finland, France, and Norway, and Sweden.

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Source: BAE Systems