Big Interest in the SWIR Technology of Opticoelectron at the AUSA Exposition

WASHINGTON, the USA( – For a second consecutive year the Bulgarian optical manufacturer Opticoelectron continues to be the first and only native representative invited to present its products at one of the largest exposition of military technologies and elaborations – AUSA, Washington, the USA, reported

The exposition will be held from 8th to 10th October and it started with unprecedented interest in the products of the Bulgarian company in the field of night and thermal vision optics, as well as the developed product range SWIRECON in the field of SWIR lenses.

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Dipl.Eng. Boyan Garchev on stand of Opticoelectron – AUSA 2018 | Photo Credit: Opticoelectron
“For us, our presence here is of strategic importance and for a consecutive year it meets us with our partners beyond the ocean. We have clearly set goals though which to develop new future business contacts in the USA and the countries from the region. As you know during the last years we have been seriously developing SWIR technologies in Opticoelectron, that is why its presentation and promotion here not only evoked interest, but also opened the door to new business challenges,” commented Eng. Boyan Garchev, Director International Business Relations at Opticoelectron. reminds that Opticoelectron managed years ago to develop and present one of the first working prototypes of a SWIR lens, and in the middle of August this year it also presented the fifth product of its range – SWIRECON 12,5 which has a very open f-number – 1.2. Only for the last two years the Company has invested approximately US$ 4 million in the integration of new production technologies and innovations. In 2017 it has been officially opened and put into operation the most advanced workshop for infrared optics in Bulgaria and on the Balkans.

Big Interest in the SWIR Technology of Opticoelectron at the AUSA Exposition
SWIRECON 12.5 by Opticoelectron | Photo credit: Nikolay Tsonevski

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Opticoelectron is an official member of AUSA and within the present exposition it participates after an invitation and under the aegis of an association of German companies and their other European partners.

It is expected this year the AUSA Exposition to welcome over 700 exhibitors from over 100 countries with over 30,000 participants, and approximately 300,000 exhibits will be showcases during the three days of the event.

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