Russia and Serbia Conducted the Fourth Joint Flight-Tactical Exercise BARS 2018

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation, ( – In the period from 1st to 5th October, for the second time, Serbia hosted the joint Russian-Serbian flight tactical exercise BARS 2018. Within the drill in the Serbian sky, pilots from the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Serbian Air Force, as well as representatives from the Serbian Air Defence, conducted joint flight operations in coping with extreme situations, learned

This is the fourth such military training, since 2015, that is conducted between Russian and Serbian military pilots. This year, it started with the signing of the technical agreement between the Exercise manager Brigadier General Željko Bilić and Deputy Exercise manager Colonel Konstantin Surikov, near Belgrade, at Batajnica Air Base.

According to the announcement of the Russian Ministry of Defence, in this year’s joint exercise were involved up to 10 units of the Russian Air Force and Serbian Air Defence Forces, including Serbian MiG-29 jet fighter aircraft and Mi-8 helicopters.

BARS 2018 was an opportunity for the involved army aviation pilots, from both countries, to gain more experience and exchange new techniques, in order to improve their operational capabilities and collaboration. The joint Russian-Serbian crews in the drill performed missions, such as complex and aerobatic maneuvers and tactical attack on ground targets; airlifting tactical airborne assault to destination site; evacuation of special forces from territory occupied by enemies; interceptions of air targets; training the elements of air combat, as well as performing tasks of landing and search and rescue support. The mixed crews were also trained in one-on-one javascript, low-level terrestrial targets, intruder strikes, cruise support, aviation protection.

At a press conference, the Russian deputy governor of the exercise, Kostantin Surikov, said that BARS 2018 main goal was not so much to drill the pilots of the both countries, but to train them in order to be prepared to perform joint operations in mixed crew.

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Source:The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation