The Comments on the Bids for the New Bulgarian Fighter are Now On

SOFIA, Bulgaria ( – The evaluation of the bids for the new Bulgarian fighter is now on, as well as the comments. After the opening of the envelopes and the boxes containing the four offers on Monday (1st October 2018), yesterday (2nd October 2018) the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov and the Defence Minister Krasimir Karakachanov shared their opinions of the offered aircraft, learned

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Boiko Borisov’s comment in front of journalists was, “I do not review bids, I do not participate. What I know is from the news emissions, which I watched last night. The only directions, which I have given, is this to be done in public, open, in front of the media, in order people to be aware of the complete transparency of the that competition, because it concerns billions. I understood that the best aircraft, at least about which we have heard, participate – the F-16, F-18, Gripen and Eurofighter,“ and he added “We insist on the aircraft to be new.”

The Bulgarian Prime Minister also mentioned that he has “asked Karakachanov to invite also pilots from Graf Ignatievo [Air Base] to participate and supervise [the selection process]”, because they are “the best experts” as they fly military aircraft and will eventually fly the newly selected fighter.

According to Minister Karakachanov the dispute which of the aircraft is better eventually depends on the available financial capabilities, which in this case amount at BGN 1.8 billion with VAT.

“My ambition was more participants to be invited, in order there to be a greater competition and larger selection. Having in mind that a bid was not submitted only for the Rafale, and Israel has sent a letter that it will not participate in the competition, four bids remained – for the F16, F18, Gripen (bids for new aircraft), and for the Eurofighter from Italy, which are second-hand,” said the Defence Minister Karakachanov.

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