Comtech Announced a $9.1 Million Troposcatter Equipment Supply Contract

MELVILLE, N.Y., the USA ( – On 24th September 2018, Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announced the signing of a $9.1 Million troposcatter equipment supply contract. The contract has been awarded to the Orlando, Florida-based subsidiary of the company, Comtech Systems, Inc., which is part of Comtech’s Government Solutions segment, learned

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The $9.1 million sole-sourced contract is received from The Program Executive Office (PEO) Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I), International C4I Integration Program Office (PMW 740)nad under it the company will supply equipment and services in support of an existing C4I Surveillance and Reconnaissance Maritime Surveillance System owned by the Iraqi Navy.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Fred Kornberg commented, “I am excited to be able to announce this important contract with a new foreign government end customer. While the sales cycles for opportunities of this type are long, this win is further evidence that demand for troposcatter equipment around the world is growing. We look forward to working with the U.S. FMS and Iraqi Navy on this and future opportunities.”

Thermal imaging radar in conjunction with Comtech’s advanced digital troposcatter communications systems will be supplied by Comtech, as well as backhaul microwave terminals. Radar and sensor data will be delivered to an existing Command and Control facility through the communications network.

Advanced Troposcatter Systems provide high capacity, low-latency data links for over-the-horizon distances, without the need to rely on satellites or multiple line-of-sight repeaters. A troposcatter system is a point-to-point link that requires a terminal on each end, with each terminal both transmitting and receiving.

About Comtech Systems, Inc.

Comtech Systems, Inc. is a global leader in troposcatter solutions and offers the following types of services: system design, integration, supply and commissioning of turnkey communication systems including over-the-horizon microwave, line-of-sight microwave and satellite.

About Comtech Telecommunications Corp.

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. is a technology leader, which conducts its business through two segments – commercial solutions and government solutions. The company designs, develops, produces and markets innovative products, systems and services for advanced communications solutions.

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Source: Comtech Telecommunications Corp.