Bulgarian Ministry of Defense Delegation Visits Sweden

SOFIA, Bulgaria, (BulgarianMilitary.com)Yesterday, Bulgaria’s Ministry of Defense, announced a forthcoming two-day visit of office delegates to Sweden, planned to take place on 27th and 28th September 2018. There, the Bulgarian delegation is lead by Deputy Minister of Defence, Atanas Zapryanov, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

During the visit, the both countries are expected to conduct military-technical consultations on the project of the acquisition of a new type combat aircraft, which is and the purpose of the Bulgarian two-day official stay in Sweden. Sweden and the local corporation SAAB offer to Bulgaria to purchase the multirole fighter aircraft Gripen.

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The schedule of the Bulgarian delegation in Sweden includes Deputy Minister Zapryanov’ visit to the headquarters of SAAB Corporation in Linköping and his meeting with Jan Salestrand , State Secretary to the Minister for Defense, Sweden.

The current Bulgarian visitation follows a previous one, held late last month, when Deputy Minister Zapryanov headed a delegation to the U.S. to discuss the same goals.

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We would like to remind that Bulgaria placed an inquiry for offers for the purchase of new combat aircraft to 7 countries as follows:

– From the USA we will expect brand new F-16 Block 60 or Block 70 and F/A–18E/F Super Hornet, as well as bids for the their used versions, but with their equivalent modifications;
– From Portugal we will expect a bid for used F-16 MLU OFP М6 (Third Party Transfer)
– From Israel we will expect bids for used F-16 C/D (Third Party Transfer) upgraded to the version OFP М6 (or such with equivalent capabilities)
– From Italy we will expect bids for used Eurofighter Tranche 1
– From Germany we will expect bids for brand new Eurofighter Tranche 3
– From France we will expect bids for brand new and used Dassault Rafale
– From Sweden we will expect bids for Gripen C/D and for used Gripen C/D upgraded to the current configuration in the NATO member states (Hungary and the Czech Republic)

About SAAB
Swedish corporation, headquarters of which is based in the town of Linköping. It is a high-technology company specializing in the area of defense, aviation, and aerospace. Saab provides world-leading products and services to the military defence as well as to the civil security sectors. Their product portfolio includes airplanes, missiles, electronics, computers, etc. The company is represented in 30 countries and sells to more than 100 countries.

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Source: MoD of the Republic of Bulgaria