Bulgaria Will Send 41 Servicemen to Participate in the Exercise Trident Juncture – 2018 in Norway

SOFIA, Bulgaria, (BulgarianMilitary.com) – In October, the Republic of Bulgaria will send 41 military personnel of its Joint Forces Command and Land Forces in Norway to participate in most visible part of the largest NATO-led exercise, Trident Juncture – 2018, conducted since the eighties of the last century on the territory of the country. The forthcoming training will involve over 40 000 servicemen of the Armed Forces of the 29 NATO member states and their close partner countries – Finland and Sweden. For the purposes of the training, the members of the Alliance will also provide 130 aircraft, 70 vessels and more than 10 000 vehicles, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

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The exercise will be held in the period of October-November and its main goal is to prepare, to evaluate and to certify Allied Joint Force Command Naples to conduct an operation along with the NATO Response Force 2019 (NRF – 2019) and the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) under Art. 5 of the Washington Treaty.

In Norway, Bulgaria will be represented by part of its NRF – 2019 declared military units, such as a group for movement control, a platoon for radiation and chemical reconnaissance, a platoon for disposal of unexploded munitions and a civil-military cooperation group. Along with the units, in the exercise Trident Juncture – 2018, our country will send also two officers, from the Land Forces and the Joint Forces Command, one as a senior national representative and the other will be in the national support element structure.

During the exercise, the Bulgarian group for movement control, which is part of the Joint Force Command, will be included in the 39th Movement Control Battalion of the U.S. Army to support and coordinate the units’ deployment process and rebasing.

On the other hand, in Norway, the both Bulgarian platoons – the 38th NBC Defence Battalion, Musachevo, for radiation and chemical reconnaissance, and the 55th Engineer Regiment, Belene, for disposal of unexploded munitions, along with the group for a civil-military cooperation, 78th Battalion – Sofia, will be joined to the Canadian multinational brigade during the exercise.

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Source: MoD of the Republic of Bulgaria