Lockheed Martin Introduces Its Multi-Domain Synchronized Effects Tool

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md, the USA (BulgarianMilitary.com), Editor: Galina Zdravkova, Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin revealed today that the company has introduced the Multi-Domain Synchronized Effects Tool (MDSET) that links traditionally stove-piped resources to create synergistic effects and shorten the “data to decision cycle,” learned BulgarianMilitary.com

That move has been planned and implemented, because success in future conflicts will possibly require the ability to operate across a resilient network that links disparate systems and assets across various domains. The global landscape is rapidly evolving and information in the battlespace is moving faster than ever. Therefore it is important future joint battle management systems to be capable of synchronizing land, air, sea, space, cyber and electronic warfare tools for defence against, outmanoeuvring, and outfighting threats faster than those threats are able to react. A common picture, common aim and common mission ensures the ability to fight anytime, anywhere and win.

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The VP of C4ISR and Unmanned Aerial Systems Dr. Rob Smith commented, “In planning missions, our troops need the agility to succeed amidst uncertainty. MDSET provides that agility by removing centricity from operational planning and paving the way for true multi-domain mission effects planning and replanning at speed and at scale.”

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MDSET transforms command and control into a collaborative cross domain decision-making framework and thus the complexity of the multi-domain battle is processed. Assimilating needed information from stove-piped systems into one intuitive system, MDSET provides a comprehensive picture of the integrated plan, and in this way it allows decisions to be made based on concurrent (vs. serial) situational awareness of activity in all domains.

For the purposes of developing further the multi-domain enabled technologies, Lockheed Martin has hosted a series of wargames, which examine the processes, which are necessary for supporting rapid and continuous operational planning. The MDSET system had an important role in these wargames, during which the system provided the participants with unified command and control capabilities in the context of a multi-domain battlespace.

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