The ‘Molar Mic’ Communication System of Sonitus Technologies Goes to the US Air Force

SAN MATEO, California, the USA (, 14 September 2018, Editor: Galina Zdravkova, Photo credit: Sonitus Technologies

Sonitus Technologies, the developer of invisible, wireless, hands- and ears- free communications tools, providing capabilities that redefine mobile radio, announced on 11th September 2018 that its novel personal communication system, nicknamed the ‘Molar Mic’, will go to the U.S. Air Force and for that purpose the company has been awarded Phase II of its contract with the United States Department of Defence (DOD), learned

Peter Hadrovic, the Chief Executive Officer of Sonitus Technologies, commented, “Sonitus Technologies is honoured to bring this game changing technology to our country’s elite military, making them safer and more effective by enabling them to communicate clearly – even in the most extreme situations. The voice interface sustains communications in dangerous and challenging environments. The ‘Molar Mic’ is the first in our family of solutions that conventional approaches are unable to address.”

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The advanced two-way, personal communication system, ATAC™, fits a miniaturized traditional headset into a device, which clips to a user’s back teeth.

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The solution of Sonitus Technologies features an innovative wireless audio interface by integrating both a midget microphone for talking and a speaker-transducer for hearing in a compact custom-fit mouth-piece, which may be fixed easily and comfortably around a user’s back teeth. In this way the operator of the communication system can both talk and hear without any external devices attached to the head. The placement on the teeth has two major advantages. First of all the body of the user itself is used to block external noise when speaking and second, the user’s teeth and jawbone create a new auditory path for hearing. The final result is an unobstructed head and face, clear communication. The comfort is much increased and the situational awareness and the ability to add or remove personal protective equipment without breaking communication are enhanced.

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