The CDR Phase of the Northrop Grumman’s WSN-12 Inertial Sensor Module Is Completed

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., the USA (, 10 September 2018, Editor: Galina Zdravkova, Photo credit: U.S. Navy/The U.S. Navy WSN-12 Inertial Navigator will be used on the Virginia Submarines and on the Arleigh-Burke class destroyers, as well as a host of other ships.

In the middle of last week, 5 September, Northrop Grumman, the leading global security Corporation, announced that the Critical Design Review (CDR) phase of the U.S. Navy’s WSN-12 Inertial Sensor Module has been successfully completed and the production of 10 pre-production units will be started. The WSN-12 will enhance the reliability and the navigation accuracy of the U.S. combatant vessels, on which the system is integrated, learned

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The VP, Maritime systems at Northrop Grumman Todd Leavitt commented, “Completion of this CDR keeps this program on track to deliver exceptional navigation accuracy to the fleet. The WSN-12 Inertial Sensor Module provides technology that enables improvements to navigation accuracy and reliability, benefiting all systems that depend upon it.”

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It is expected the WSN-12 to become the major shipboard inertial navigation system for most U.S. combatant vessels and part of the equipment of all vessels of the DDG, CG, CVN and SSN classes. The system introduces new technology and improved accuracy. This new Inertial Sensor Module is a primary subsystem of the WSN-12, which involves the inertial sensors and the relevant electromechanical equipment, as well as software to compute the navigation solution.It measures, computes and distributes navigation data to all users, including attitude, velocity and position information.

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“Northrop Grumman has met or exceeded objectives in all aspects of the sensor design and was able to demonstrate performance in the testing of the engineering development models. We are looking forward to successful integration testing this year and receiving the sensor pre-production units next year,” stated Captain Jon Garcia, Naval Sea Systems Command IWS6.0.

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