700 Servicemen Participated in the Demonstrations within “PLATINUM LION – 2018” Exercise

SOFIA, Bulgaria (BulgarianMilitary.com), 9 August 2018, Editor: Stanislava Georgieva, Photo credit: Mil.Gov.ua

On 8 August, this year was held the final stage of the multinational joint exercise „PLATINUM LION – 2018“ at Novo Selo training area that started in 30 July and is scheduled to finish on 10 August. The final demonstrations were observed by the Deputy Chief of Defence Vice Admiral, Emil Eftimov and Chief of the Political Cabinet of the Minister of Defence, Mr. Iliya Nalbantov. The first praised the Land Forces for the demonstrated capabilities of planning, organizing and conducting a stabilizing operation in the appointed area of responsibility of a multinational formation. In this year’s training, armies from eight NATO member states and partner countries take part, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

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On Wednesday, the servicemen who participated in the multinational joint exercise have showed the acquired skills and interoperability for conducting tactical actions in a peacekeeping operation. During the training various tasks were completed by the mechanized, mine launcher and tank formations, in the area of defense, offense, patrolling, deploying of control posts, convoying, escorting, as well as actions in urban environment and protection under conditions of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological contamination, also providing fire protection and first aid actions and evacuating injured people.

In front of the journalists the Deputy Commander of the Land Forces Brigadier General Valeri Tsolov, who is in charge of this year “PLATINUM LION” plan, said that he is extremely pleased with the actions of the Bulgarian soldiers of all levels including the planning team of the Land Forces, the 2nd Mechanized Brigade, the companies and platoons commanding officers that skillfully conducted the actions of their subordinate formations, and the tactical actions of the polygon as well.

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„PLATINUM LION – 2018“ is the first from the “PLATINUM LION“ Exercise that is planned and conducted by the the Land Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria. 700 servicemen take part in this year training at Novo Selo training polygon, involving military personnel of Second mechanized brigade of the Bulgarian Land Forces personnel, Specialists training center in Sliven, the Air Forces, Military Police Service, Military Medical Academy, and troops from the Albania, Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, U.S. and Montenegro. The tasks within „PLATINUM LION – 2018” were completed with more than 100 units of armored vehicles, armored fighting vehicles, artillery systems, 4 tanks, Mi-24 helicopters, Cougar helicopters and other specialized equipment.

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