CRFS Offers New Solution for Forensic Spectrum Analysis

CAMBRIDGE, the UK, (, 25 July 2018, Editor: Galina Zdravkova, Photo credit: CRFS/RFeye recorder and laptop with DeepView

The RF (radio-frequency) technology company CRFS announced on 17th July 2018 its newly developed software tool named RFeye DeepView. The DeepView is a unique tool, because it allows users to analyse the RF spectrum precisely, to find signals of interest that might be hidden in the noise, as well as to analyse vast data sets very easily and quickly, learned

“The RF spectrum is becoming increasingly congested, which makes it easier for signals of interest to be concealed or lost amongst other transmissions. DeepView helps users quickly and easily drill down and isolate the signal they are interested in. This can then be viewed and analysed in extremely high resolution,” commented the VP Sales at CRFS Jon Bradley and added, “The power of DeepView is fully realized when it is used with the RFeye Recorder. The high bandwidth recorder can capture spectrum data up to 18 GHz, with no loss of resolution or fidelity. With DeepView and Recorder, you never miss a signal.”

The RFeye DeepView and Recorder are part of the spectrum monitoring and analysis solutions of CRFS, developed for military purposes, security services, and spectrum regulators and systems integrators.

The RFeye DeepView was developed by CRFS in response to the real-world challenges met by the customers of the company.

“They [the customers] pointed to the need for a highly portable system to record and forensically analyse the RF spectrum, and the team have delivered on that, with a clear, simple but extremely powerful interface,” shared Bo Peng, Technical Services Manager at CRFS.

DeepView is intended for regulatory, military, and test environments. For instance, the capability of detecting, recording, and analysing short, low power transmissions could be of critical importance for understanding and exploiting signals during surveillance. DeepView may also be used in searching for interference, which may impact negatively the performance and safety of radar, avionic, and communication systems.

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