The US Army Has Ordered Additional Saab’s AT4CS RS Weapon Systems

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (, 23 July 2018, Editor: Galina Zdravkova, Photo credit: Saab

The U.S. Army has ordered additional Saab’s shoulder-launched AT4CS RS (Confined Space Reduced Sensitivity) anti-armour weapon systems. That was announced by the company on 17th July 2018, learned

The value of the order is approximately $50 million. It is an addition to a Delivery Order from 2017 valued at $13.4 million. The ID/IQ contract for AT4CS RS was awarded to Saab in 2008.

The AT4CS RS weapon system is a fully disposable, preloaded system with a unique shaped-charge warhead that delivers outstanding behind-armour effect inside the target. Its weight is less than 8 kg and its effective range is from 20 to 300 meters.

The AT4 system may be considered a disposable, low-cost alternative to the Carl Gustav recoilless rifle.

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The AT4-CS variant is developed for urban warfare. This version features a saltwater countermass in the rear of the launcher for absorption of the back blast. The resulting spray captures and significantly slows down the pressure wave, which allows troops to fire from enclosed areas. However the AT4-CS variant is considered to be less effective due to the reduced muzzle velocity from the original 290 m/s to 220 m/s for making it user-safe in a confined space.

The Senior VP and head of Saab’s business area Dynamics Görgen Johansson commented, “This order demonstrates the continuing strong belief by the customer in the AT4 system.”

And the President and CEO at Saab North America, Inc. Michael Andersson added, “We are proud to continue to provide this proven and effective tool to the U.S. warfighter.”

More than 600,000 AT4s has been delivered, directly and under license, by Saab to the U.S. Forces since 1987. The system has been further developed since then for providing even greater capability and effect. Newer variants are also being development and they will offer greater ranges and additional flexibility as reported by the company.

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