Ka-62 is Being Prepared for Preliminary Flight Tests

MOSCOW, Russia (BulgarianMilitary.com), July 6, 2018, Author: Bm Team, Photo credit: Russian Helicopters

The preparation of the Ka-62 multirole helicopter for preliminary flight tests is on-going. Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company (Progress AAC), one of the construction plants of Russian Helicopters, is preparing the Ka-62 flight model, learned BulgarianMilitary.com

It is scheduled the preliminary test phase for Ka-62 certification to start by the end of this year. Within the preparation works, it has been improved the body structures of the anti-torque rotor and tail group and it has been installed a typical design transmission.

By now it has been built three prototypes of the Ka-62 helicopter. The first of them is intended for vibration frequency tests scheduled for the middle of July 2018. The goal of the vibration frequency tests is to be checked the efficiency of the new improvements. If it turns out to be appropriate, the body structures of the anti-torque rotor and the tail group of the three flight models will be further improved.

The on-board system of second flight model will be tested in a computer-simulated environment and recalibrated. For that purpose it is already delivered to the test checks and electrical systems workshop.

The third flight model will be tested as soon as the tests of the second one are completed.

The new medium multirole Ka-62 helicopter is developed for cargo transportation, medical evacuation and search and rescue operations, or for corporate purposes in the oil and gas sector and for. It involves the latest technologies and materials in aircraft building and can operate at temperatures down to –35°С without any need to heat the transmission assemblies and engines.

The helicopters feature two Ardiden 3G 1,680 h.p. engines made by SAFRAN HE, the modular design and dual-channel FADEC system of which ensure high reliability, increased ease of operation, and low fuel consumption.

The Ka-62s meet the Russian and international flight standards (Russia’s AP-29, Europe’s CS-29 and JAR-OPS3), offshore operational requirements, international standards for reliability, resource use, flight safety, comfort, usability, service life and repair.

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