The New Patrol Boats Project Is Restarted and Is Worth about BGN 1 Billion

SOFIA, Bulgaria (, June 28, 2018, Author: BM Team, Photo credit:

About BGN 1 billion (BGN 984 million) is ready to be granted by the Bulgarian Government for purchase/building of two new patrol boats, needed for the needs of the Bulgarian Navy, learned

In this way the three major projects (new aircrafts, new combat machines and new ships) are officially restarted, following the idea of the Ministry of Defence the projects to be simultaneously implemented. The three projects are at the total amount of BGN 4 billion and, with their implementation, it is expected Bulgaria to spent about 2% of the GDP. recalls that last year, in December, the shipyard MTG Dolphin based in Varna, Bulgaria, declined to sign the contract for the two patrol boats on the day when that had to become a fact. The Company did not comment then its refusal and did not share its stand. On the other side, the Ministry of Defence explained that the main reason for the unsigned contract is the reduced contract value.

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The ships shall be equipped with basic armaments and be delivered with spare parts. The supplier shall train the crews and undertake their maintenance for three years.
The projects shall be also approved by the Parliament as by virtue of the law military costs above BGN 100 million shall be approved at a plenary session. It is expected this to happen without the occurrence of any particular problems as the case was with the other two big projects for the modernization of the army – for the purchase of fighters of new type and of armoured machines.

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