Atlas Elektronik and Thales Deutschland Will Deliver the Class K130 Corvette Combat System

BREMEN, Germany (, June 25, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova, Photo credit:

Atlas Elektronik announced on 21st June that they will deliver the combat system of the German Class K130 Corvette together with Thales Deutschland, learned

“This contract is a continuation of the long standing and successful cooperation between our companies on the German market. We are proud of this expression of trust: in close cooperation with the ARGE K130 and the German Navy, Atlas Elektronik and Thales Deutschland – as two internationally leading system suppliers – will prepare these ships for the challenges of the years to come,” said the CEO of Atlas Elektronik Michael Ozegowski and the CEO of Thales Deutschland Dr. Christoph Hoppe.

The agreement involves 5 corvettes and the Test and Training Centre (EZ/BUZ) in Wilhelmshaven and is expected to be completed by 2025.

In addition to delivering the combat system hardware, the consortium formed by the two German companies and named “FüWES K130” will be led by Atlas Elektronik and will also adapt and update the current Combat Management System software of the five K130s from the first batch of vessels (ships 1-5) integrated under a contract awarded in 2003.

The operational software under the project will be part of the responsibilities of Atlas Elektronik, and the IT secure combat system will be from the scope of works of Thales.

The agreed solution for the ships 6-10 is the same as the one for the five corvettes from the first batch. The changes are only as a result of the current German regulations that have to be met, and especially the regulations concerning the safety and IT security, which have been significantly changed since the commissioning of the first five corvettes.

The German Class K130 Corvette is the newest class of German ocean-going corvettes. The first batch has replaced the German Navy’s Gepard-class fast attack craft. Because of the decommissioning of the Gepard class vessels five more corvettes of K130 are planned to be constructed from 2019-2023.