Norway and Germany to Collaborate under a Naval Strike Missile Contract

KONGSBERG, Norway (, June 22, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova, Photo: Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS (Naval Strike Missile)

Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS (Norway) announced on 20th June that it has signed a contract with the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency at the amount of 220M NOK (EUR 23.31 million) for a cooperation agreement on the Naval Strike Missile (NSM), learned

The President of Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS Eirik Lie commented, “This contract is an important milestone in a long-term Norwegian-German cooperation on missiles. The NSM is a product of the unique triangle cooperation developed between the defence industry, FFI and the Armed Forces.”

On its part, the Norwegian Government revealed last year in February 2017 the Strategic Cooperation with Germany for acquiring new submarines, where Germany plans to acquire NSM for its Navy. Norway and Germany will collaborate in a long-term NSM development for their vessels. That agreement is the first stage in this collaboration and its duration is set to be one year.

Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace is the premier supplier of defence and aerospace-related systems of Norway. According to a further research of the NSM of the Norwegian company is an anti-ship and land-attack missile. Its original name in Norwegian meant “New sea target missile”. The current English marketing name Naval Strike Missile was adopted later.

A NSM was successfully test fired for the first time on 5th June 2013 by the Royal Norwegian Navy against a target vessel carrying a live warhead. The target vessel was the decommissioned Oslo-class frigate HNoMS Trondheim, which was hit and the test showed that the munition functioned as expected.


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