Indra Announces an Advanced Portable Electronic Defence System (Manpack)

PARIS (France), June 20, 2018, Author: Bm team, Photo:

Last week, on 14th June 2018, one of the leading companies in electronic defence, Indra, announced that it has completed the development of an advanced portable electronic defence system (manpack).

Thanks to the newly developed lightweight easy-to-carry system soldiers will be able to determine the location of enemy air defence systems, vehicles, aircrafts, or vessels. Until now, electronic warfare equipment had to be integrated on vehicles and other fixed platforms due to its size and complexity. Now that kind of warfare solution has reduced size and weight thanks to Indra and it can be put in a backpack and carried by one person. Therefore inaccessible to vehicles mountainous and steep areas wouldn’t be an issue any more.

The Indra’s system provides information through scanning any radar signal and analysing its characteristics for finding out how the enemy uses its surveillance systems and how they can be neutralized.

This manpack equipment can exchange data in real time with other units, so an electronic defence network could be created and the gathered information to be sent to a command centre for further analysis and planning.

The development of that innovative equipment is a result from the work of Indra in the recent years in the direction of adapting the portfolio of solutions of the company to the needs and requirements of armed forces all over the world.


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