Thales Announces TopAxyz Artillery Version

LA DÉFENSE (France), June 15, 2018, Author: Bm team, Image: M. Guerra-Thales (gyrolaser)

The French multinational company Thales has announced on 11th June an artillery version of its TopAxyz high performance IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) for mobile artillery systems, reported Shephard Media.

The TopAxyz artillery version has been developed for the purposes of the land forces and their need of digitalising various types of artillery pieces compatible with new fire control and weapon management systems, the architectures of which support modern deployment concepts.

Thanks to the TopAxyz the mission duration will be reduced, because the unit is up and running in only 5 minutes. Lost GPS signal is not a problem if the TopAxyz is available, because it can operate autonomously. Pixyz 22 tri-axis ring laser gyro technology is integrated in it for stability in tough environments, as well as advanced ITAR-free inertial sensors for accuracy of position, heading, attitude and airspeed data, even in environments, where electronic countermeasures are undertaken. The unique architecture of the TopAxyz developed for very high performance is unlike any other in the world, by involving two data channels instead of one channel like in other systems.

Inertial navigation systems have been developed by Thales for more than 30 years and they have been integrated in platforms like the Ariane 5 rocket, Mirage 2000, Tiger helicopters, ATR-600, and A350-XWB. Therefore, the TopAxyz, containing proven advanced technologies, has shown its remarkable performance in aerospace applications and now it is already available for land and naval forces as well by offering similar operational advantages.


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