Opticoelectron Reported More Than Successful Eurosatory 2018 Exhibition

PARIS (France), June 15 2018, Author: Boyko Nikolov, Photo: Stoyan Hristov

On the last day of the exhibition we met the representatives of Opticoelectron, who presented the company at Eurosatory this year.

Opticoelectron Reported More Than Successful Eurosatory 2018 Exhibition
dip.eng. Ivan Garchev – CEO of opticoelectron Group JSCo, Bugaria / Photo credit; linkedIn

“We may confirm that this year the French exhibition turns out to be the most successful for us. We are present at each Eurosatory and there is always interest in our products, but in the last 5 days we have reported the biggest success for Opticoelectron in the recent years,” commented Eng. Ivan Garchev, CEO of the Bulgarian company, “We have had working meetings with lots of state delegations and representatives of the private business from the whole world. There is interest from countries form Asia, Africa, and Europe. The best and the indicative factor for the success of Opticoelectron here is that we have received a request for manufacturing of products from the field of artillery, night vision and infrared optics within the short-wave spectrum.”

This year Opticoelectron presented one of its most popular products during the recent months – night vision goggles Nirecon. Moreover, thermal vision and night vision devices, as well as some products from the sphere of artillery have made a serious impression to current and possible customers.

“The thing that makes me happy is that during the recent years we have managed to invest several million euros in new technologies and production. The last example is the specialized workshop for infrared equipment. By improving the quality we guarantee permanent presence on this market. And the evidence for the words is that our current partners continue to work with Opticoelectron,” are the first words of Eng. Boyan Garchev, International Markets Director, “It is even more indicative the fact that the SWIR products, developed in the company, are not any more at the level “novelty”, but at the level “orders”. Even before Eurosatory we had actual orders for the production of dozens of pieces of the middle class, and in recent days we have received here some more.”

Opticoelectron has been represented at the Eurosatory exhibition by Eng. Ivan Garchev – CEO, Eng. Boyan Garchev – International Markets Director, Eng. Tsvetana Donova – Commercial Director, Eng. Stoyan Hristov, PhD – Designer, and Mrs. Natalia Nedyalkova – Trade Expert of the company.

The stand of Opticoelectron was one of the most visited stands among the Bulgarian companies.

“May be the success here should not surprise us. If an analysis is made of the Bulgarian exhibition, which was held only two weeks ago in Plovdiv, we will see that the interest of the Bulgarian and French Ministries of Defence is not accidental. We have been working in the recent years a lot for improving the quality of our products. But we are also working for their successful promoting worldwide. If we start from the sale of the first mobile systems for the needs of Bulgaria six years ago, from their improvement and sale in some countries from the Middle East and Scandinavia, and pass through the developments and sales in the recent years in the field of night vision, we will notice that it is not accidental that this year we start with several contracts for the production of military optics for the next 2-3 years. The domino effect is the most specific definition of this situation and in our case it is successful,” wound up Eng. Ivan Garchev.

It shall be also reminded that some more international exhibitions like Indo Defense and AUSA are upcoming for Opticoelectron this year.