The NSM of Raytheon and Kongsberg Gruppen Selected by the US Navy

TUCSON (Ariz., the USA), June 5, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova, Photo: Raytheon (NSM demo US Navy)

The Naval Strike Missile (NSM) of Raytheon and Kongsberg Gruppen has been selected by the U.S. Navy for equipping its littoral combat ships and future frigates and thus meeting the over-the-horizon requirement. That was announced from Raytheon on 1st June 2018 on their website.

The  NSMs will be produced and supplied under a $14.8 million contract, the total value of which may reach the amount of $847.6 million if the relevant included options are exercised.

Dr. Taylor W. Lawrence, president of Raytheon Missile Systems, said, “Raytheon and KONGSBERG are providing the Navy with a proven, off-the-shelf solution that exceeds requirements for the over-the-horizon mission. Because it is operational now, NSM saves the United States billions of dollars in development costs and creates new high-tech jobs in this country.”

The main activities related to the manufacturing process of the over-the-horizon weapon systems will be carried out by Kongsberg Gruppen in Norway, and Raytheon will be responsible for the manufacturing of launchers, missiles and components in the USA.

The president of Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS, Eirik Lie, said, “Raytheon and KONGSBERG are celebrating 50 years of cooperation, and the selection of the NSM marks another successful step for our close relationship,” and added, “We are able to provide the U.S. Navy with the best of two worlds by combining the capability of NSM with Raytheon’s proficiency as the world’s largest missile maker.”


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