Multipurpose Armoured Truck Conveyor MT-LB-M1

PLOVDIV (Bulgaria), May 31, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova, Photo: Terem

The MT-LB М1 is an armoured tracked vehicle. It is mainly used for transportation of soldiers, people, and loads. It can also be used for pulling of a trailer of total weight of 6.5 t, surveillance of the battle-field with making of records and conducting of combat operations. It successfully overcomes water obstacles as well as a maximum angle of 25º with a trailer and load on dry soil, a maximum angle of 35º with a load on dry soil and a side gradient of 25º on dry soil.

The vehicle is 6500 mm long, and 2630 mm high (when the multisensory system is taken in). The width (at the continuous tracks) is 3000 mm. The combat weight is 10800 kg. The vehicle is equipped with planetary-friction steering mechanisms and a diesel engine (V8) of 310 hp and 1207 Nm. Its manual gearbox has six gears.

The armaments of the MT-LB M1 include two turrets. In turret 1, it is located a 7.62 mm PKT machine-gun, and in turret 2 – a 7.62-mm PKT machine-gun, a 14.5 mm KPVT machine gun, sight – Zora-2, and “Tucha” system.

The WEBASTO air-conditioning system, with which the MT-LB M1 armoured vehicle is equipped, is a two-zone one with independent adjustment. The total cooling power is 8.7 KW, and the total airflow is – 920 m3. The 24 V, 4 kW constant power generator is water-cooled and it also charges the accumulators of the MT-LB M1.

The power of the WEBASTO heating system of the MT-LB M1 is 1.5-5.5 Kw, and the airflow is 200/220 m3. The fuel consumption of the heating installation is 0.16-0.52 l/h.

The MT-LB M1 has a multisensory system for surveillance with resolution of veillance with resolution of 384х288/640х480. The brightness and contrast are adjusted automatically. The thermal sensitivity (NETD) of the system is 50mK F1.0. The video surveillance security system is provided with an analog video output format CCIR (PAL), RS-170(NTSC), and a digital video output – USB 2.0. The system works at temperatures from -32º to +55º.The available vision devices of the MT-LB M1 are of the types TNPO-170 and TVN-2BM. TVN-2BM is a driver’s vision device.

Innovative continuous tracks of the company “DIEHL” may be applied to the MT-LB M1.


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