Fast Patrol Boats: Quick and Versatile

PLOVDIV (Bulgaria), May 30, 2018, Source: Lurssen, Photo: Lurssen Defence

Offering top speeds of over 40 knots, these Fast Patrol Boats can quickly respond to various challenges. Being built for Anti Surface Warfare they provide high performance and excellent seakeeping characteristics and are ideally suited for :

– Securing and patrolling coastal waters;

– Deployment in emergency and disaster situations;

– Naval operations in territorial waters;

Suited to your needs:

The basic design can be easily adapted to suit your littoral or confined and shallow waters environment and handle specific challenges, such as rapid interception of smugglers, pirates or rogue fishing vessels.

More than a century of experience:

Lürssen’s reputation is founded on its expertise in high-speed craft. As far back as 1905, Lürssen’s world-renowned speedboats took top honours in race after race. Today our vessels are renowned for performance, durability and ease of operation. Ongoing refinement of design has ensured that the time, effort and investment required to maintain the vessels are kept to a minimum.


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