A Class of Patrol Vessels Presented for the First Time by a Bulgarian Shipyard

PLOVDIV (Bulgaria), May 30, 2018, Source: MTG Dolphin, Photo: defenceweekly.com (a Border Police ship)

For the first time in the history of Bulgaria’s shipbuilding a local company is exhibiting a class of patrol ships of various sizes. Unsurprisingly, MTG Dolphin welcome a significant number of foreign delegations at their booth at HEMUS International Defense Exhibition that hit the ground running today in Plovdiv.

The models of the 60-meter FAC-60 and the 35-meter OPV-35 are exhibited with equipment relevant for performing a wide range of missions – from patrol and escort missions, through search and rescue operations, to protection of offshore assets and sea lines of communication.

At the exhibition MTG Dolphin is also presenting the updated design for its K-90 modular multipurpose corvette, which made its debut two years ago at HEMUS 2016, fitted for anti-air, anti-surface, anti-submarine and electronic warfare with equipment produced by leading European defense industry companies.

„We aim at offering the operators of such ships flexible solutions that correspond to ever increasing requirements and tight budgets,“ commented Eng. Svetlin Stoyanov, CEO of MTG Dolphin. „The demand for patrol vessels in the coming years is expected to remain strong and we work hard to deliver quality solutions. All three ships have already attracted foreign interest,“ Stoyanov added.

About MTG Dolphin

MTG Dolphin is a leading Bulgarian shipyard with proven experience in designing and producing specialized and highly integrated ships, including combat and patrol vessels.


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