Naval Group Announces a New Test With Its F21 Torpedo

PARIS (France), May 28, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova, Image: Naval Group

On 24th May 2018 the French company Naval Group (former DCNS) announced that that it has performed a new test with its F21 torpedo. The torpedo was test fired from a nuclear attack submarine (SSN) under the Artémis programme, reported Shephard Media.

The Artémis programme is led by DGA – the French Defence Procurement Agency. The goal of the agency is to equip the entire French SSBN and SSN fleet with F21 torpedoes. The F21, which also may be launched from surface ships and hence designed to target surface and sub-surface threats, will equip the Brazilian Scorpène® SSKs as well.

The test with the French Navy’s new heavyweight F21 torpedo was performed in a DGA Missiles Testing’s underwater acoustic range off the Hyères coast. The torpedo used in the test firing is identical to the one being produced at the moment and a hundred of which will be manufactured, delivered and integrated on the submarines of the French Navy as of 2019.

The F21 torpedo features latest generation of countermeasures resistance, shallow and confined water capability, advanced self-guided mode and compliance with nuclear submarines safety norms.
Thanks to its firepower, range and intelligence, it increases the spectrum of operational scenarios. Therefore it provides an excellent tactical advantage.


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