Large Presence of Local and International Light Tactical Products at SOFEX

AMMAN (Jordan), May 16, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova, Photo: Oshkosh Defense (S-ATV)

During the 12th Special Operations Forces Exhibition SOFEX, in Jordan last week (8th – 10th May) it was noticed the large presence of local and international light tactical products, reported Defence News.

In that connection, the marketing and communication manager of the KADDB Investment Group based in Jordan, Abdallah Al Salman, stated, “The new type of threats faced today requires the use of light vehicles able to meet the demand of the countries confronting terrorism in an asymmetric environment where the assemblage of terrorist groups is becoming more concentrated in residential areas. In order to counter this new type of threats, you certainly need smaller and lighter, high-manoeuvrable vehicles.”

Among the other examples that Al Salman gave in relation to the above mentioned was the exhibited Al-Washaq armoured personnel carrier (APC), which is the latest version of the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB). It has been developed after the requirements of customers, who need “smaller vehicles to manoeuvre in narrow neighbourhoods and streets.” On its roof may be installed different weapons.

Another tactical product that was presented during the exhibition was the Special Purpose All-Terrain Vehicle (S-ATV) of Oshkosh Defense – the manufacturer of tactical wheeled vehicles. The S-ATV is advertised as being able to meet a range of mission requirements for armed forces. Its light weight has been especially designed in order to be possible both external and internal helicopter transportability.

The head of Lockheed Martin’s Middle East and Africa regional business, Anthony Winns, underlined that the cost and size are among the most important things for customers. He said, “A lot of the focus is on cost and miniaturization. And when you’re able to reduce cost, that means you are able to buy more weapons. The economies are dictating that you want to be able to spend your money more effectively, and governments want to do that. The lighter weapons ― the less costly and the more effective ones.”