First Sea Training for the China-Made J-20 Stealth Fighter

BEIJING (China), May 10, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo: STR/AFP via Getty Images

The Air Force of China announced on 9th May 2018 that the homemade J-20 stealth fighter has participated in sea training for the first time, reported Defense News.

According to the stated by the spokesman of the Air Force, Senior Col. Shen Jinke, the training simulated “actual war conditions” and he commented that as a “further upgrade of the Air Force’s combat capabilities.”

It was announced from China in February that the plane had reached initial operational capability and was being introduced into combat units.

The first flight of the J-20 took place in 2011. The stealth fighter is China’s response to fifth-generation jets like the U.S. F-22 and F-35. Thanks to its speed, manoeuvrability and integrated stealthy capabilities, it is really a great upgrade to the Chinese air power. Despite that optimistic aspect, there some concerns in relation to the engines of the J-20. It is believed that initially the engineers relied on Russian engines, because of manufacturing issues in China. Now it is reported that the Russian engines have been replaced with the Chinese WS-10B ones, which in fact would not allow the J-20 fighter to operate at supersonic speeds without afterburners that expose aircrafts to detection.

This year the defence budget of China is increased by 8.1 per cent to U.S. $172.7 billion.


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