The Russian Air Force Northern Fleet Acquires Six Sopka-2 Sets

MOSCOW (Russia), May 8, 2018, Sources: &, Editor: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo: LEMZ R&P Corp.

On 3rd May 2018, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) of the Russian Federation announced in a statement that the Northern Fleet of the Russian Air Force will acquire 6 (six) sets of Sopka-2 radars in May 2018. Technical acceptance of the Sopka-2 radar facilities has been initiated by the Ministry as well, reported Shephard Media.

The Sopka-2 is a Russian automated solid-state three-axis dual-purpose track radar system designed for use in arctic regions. It is equipped with a protective antenna dome and may operate in any weather conditions, even when winds reach the speed of up to 40 m per second.

The Sopka-2 provides information for air traffic and airspace control systems. The high resolution of the system allows each aircraft flying in a group to be identified. The system has 3 (three) radars – one primary radar (PSR), which uses a passive phased-array antenna, and two secondary radars (SSR). The antennas of the SSRs are mounted at the back of the phased array. The upper antenna is for national frequencies (uplink 837.5 MHz and downlink 740 MHz) and the lower antenna is for international frequencies (uplink 1030 MHz and downlink 1090 MHz).

The Sopka-2 radar system has been in service since 2014.

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