The Final H145 Is Delivered to Norsk Luftambulanse AS

DONAUWÖRTH (Germany), May 3, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova, Photo: Airbus (H135 Helionix)

The final H145 helicopter has been delivered to Norsk Luftambulanse AS (NOLAS) – the air rescue operator of Norway, announced from Airbus Helicopters on 2nd May 2018.

After this final delivery the Airbus fleet of NOLAS numbers total of eight H145 and seven H135 twin-engine helicopters and is intended for Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) to and from bases within Norway.

As of the moment NOLAS is the only air ambulance operator in the world that operates a fleet of H135s and H145s completely equipped with Helionix before starting operations as the national HEMS provider of Norway from 1st June 2018, the tender for which was won by NOLAS in 2016. Under this Project a total of 12 bases and 17 new helicopters (including two AW139s) will be operated by NOLAS from June 1.

Helionix is an avionics system developed by Airbus Helicopters. It enhances mission flexibility and operational safety. The system consists of two computers and a one-of-a-kind cockpit layout with up to four electronic displays, which improve the situational awareness of the pilots during the flight.

The H145 is a multi-purpose twin-engine helicopter with large and flexible cabin which allows quick and easy reconfiguration, if needed.

The H135 is aslo a twin-engine helicopter, which is considered to be one of Airbus’ most successful light aircraft. It features compact build, low sound levels, reliability, high endurance, and versatility. Airbus also highlight its cost-effectiveness.

Although mainly used for emergency medical services both helicopters have their military variants as well.


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