“A Complete Revolution” for the C-130Hs of Israel

TEL AVIV (Israel), April 26, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo: Mike Freer/Touchdown-aviation

The Lockheed four-engine turboprop military transport aircrafts C-130H of Israel will be upgraded under a major program for modernisation, which will be “a complete revolution” according to the said by the Israeli Air Force, reported FlightGlobal.

Thanks to previous partial upgrades of the fleet of C-130H, the aircrafts are expected to remain in operation until at least 2040. Under the modernization program launched in 2012, the transport aircrafts received glass cockpit avionics, new weather radars, and the centre wing boxes were replaced. The works then were performed by Israel Aerospace Industries’ Bedek division and equipment was provided by Elbit Systems.

The current advanced upgrades is reported to include newer digital versions for the navigation systems and the management of the engine, better autopilot version, and up-to-date radar. Further details, regarding suppliers and deadlines have not been revealed by now.

The Israeli Air Force has also ordered a new simulator in conformity with the upgrades that will be made. Its delivery is scheduled for 2021.

The C-130H may be used on unprepared runways for take-offs and landings. It was initially designed for evacuation purposes, as well as for troop and cargo transport aircraft. Presently it is the basic tactical airlifter with its more than 40 versions, including civilian ones, for over 60 countries.


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