The Goals of the Training of the Artillery Units of the Land Forces Have Been Achieved

HASKOVO (Bulgaria), April 20, 2018, Source: MoD, Photo:

It has been achieved the goals of the training of the artillery units of the Land Forces – strengthening of the capabilities related to provision of well-timed and accurate general and immediate fire support of the manoeuvring units. This was said by the Commander of the 4th Artillery Regiment Colonel Lachezar Mishev yesterday, on 19th April, after the end of the training in shooting and fire control of the land artillery, which was held at the training range “Koren”. “It was shown the synchronization of the activities of units of different calibres, different ranges of a projectile, and different rates of fire,” added Colonel Mishev.

From 10th April, artillery units of the Land Forces held field camp training at the training range “Koren”. 580 service members participated in it with 120 pcs. combat and special machines from the military units in the towns of Asenovgrad, Yambol, Kazanlak, Plovdiv, Svoboda, and Musachevo. During the camp assembly it was also conducted a tactical training with the battalion for repair of armaments of the 110th Logistic Regiment – Plovdiv, during which it was performed tasks related to the technical maintenance of armaments, auxiliary equipment, and special technical support for the artillery units of the Land Forces. It was the first time when service members from a Reconnaissance Battalion and an Unmanned Flying Machine Control Group also participated in such training.

During the training it was held tactical exercises with combat artillery shootings with the rocket launcher and the artillery battery of the 4th Artillery Regiment and the batteries from the self-propelled artillery divisions of the mechanized brigades in the towns of Karlovo and Stara Zagora.

On the 19th April, in the end of the field camp, it was held training in the control of the fire by the artillery of the Land Forces on the topic “Artillery maintenance of the land component during defence of wide water barrier. “ Within 51 minutes it were fulfilled 16 tasks by the artillery division 152 mm weapon- howitzer D-20, rocket launcher BM-21 GRAD, by the 4th Artillery Regiment – Asenovgrad and two self-propelled 122 mm howitzer 2S1. Within the system of the training and the execution of the fire tasks it was performed a manoeuvre by the artillery units of the rocket launcher of the 4th Artillery Regiment and the self-propelled artillery division of the Second Mechanized Brigade. The information network for control of the artillery fire was tested.

The actions of the artillerymen from the Land Forces during the training in shooting and fire control were observed by Anatoliy Velichkov – Deputy Minister of Defence, Lieutenant General Plamen Atanasov – Deputy Chief of Defence, Major General Mihail Popov – Commander of the Land Forces, and Lieutenant General Stefan Vasilev, officer from the reserve forces.


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