Albania Wants a US Military Base on Its Territory

TIRANA (Albania), April 19, 2018, Source:, Editor: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo: Albanian Defence Ministry via AP

Albania wants the USA to build a military base on its territory for countering the Russian influence. This was stated on 17th April in Washington by the Albanian Minister of Defence Olta Xhacka, quoted by France Press.

“I think that must send a strong message that the West Balkans are a region orientated towards the West, that we share the same principles and values, which we shall protects,” said Xhacka, who met the U.S. Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis at the Pentagon.

“We think that it is time the USA to establish its presence in Albania,” said she and offered a naval base of the USA or NATO to be built in the Adriatic Sea.

Among the threads, which disturb Tirana, the Minister specified Russia that “is trying to increase its influence by destabilization activities, be that through their secret services, investments, or media propaganda”, as well as China, Iran, and “even Turkey.”

She expressed her satisfaction with the offer of the European Commission about starting of negotiations on the accession of Albania to the European Union.