New Joint MPA in the Plans of France and Germany

LONDON (the United Kingdom), April 10, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo: EUNAVFOR

On 27th April, the defence ministers of Germany and France will sign a letter of intent that covers a program for joint development of a maritime patrol aircraft (MPA), reported FlightGlobal.

This “European solution” for renewal of the MPA fleets of both countries was indicated by them in 2017 and the replacement is to take place in the 2030s.

France intends to replace its Dassault ATL-2s and Germany – its eight Lockheed Martin P-3C Orions. For that purpose the aim of the program is coordination of the capability requirements for achieving an appropriate common model.

The German Orions started their service in 2006, and the average age of the twenty-three, as reported by Flight Fleets Analyzer, Dassault Atlantique 2 aircrafts of France, is 23.8 years.

German plans to upgrade the Orions with new mission systems and avionics, as well as with new wings. This is to take place until 2023-2024 and the expected out-of-service date for the Lockheed Martin P-3C Orions is in the 2030s, well coinciding with the planned acquiring of the new aircrafts.

In the same way, under a Project till 2023, Dassault is upgrading the French fleet with new sensors and systems and considers that the modernization will keep the aircrafts in operation till the 2030s. For the purposes of replacing its fleet, France will initially order seven maritime patrol aircrafts.


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