CH-53K Is Already in Germany for ILA Berlin Air Show 2018

HOLZDORF (Germany), April 4, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo: Lance Cpl. Molly Hampton/ U.S. Marine Corps

On 28th March Lockheed Martin announced the arrival of the Sikorsky CH-53K helicopter in Holzdorf (Germany) for its upcoming debut at the international exhibition on aviation and space travel ILA Berlin Air Show 2018 from 25th April 2018 to 29th April 2018, reported Shephard Media.

The visitors of the Air Show in Berlin, Germany will be able to see the flight capabilities of this heavy-lift cargo helicopter, as well as its manoeuvrability and advanced fly-by-wire technology.

The helicopter has been transported to Germany in a C-17 airlifter, partially disassembled by a trained crew of Sikorsky. The loading and unloading of the CH-53K helicopter has been observed by representatives of the Naval Air Systems Command and the US Marine Corps. In this way the CH-53K programme has achieved its Air Transportability Test Loading Activity certification from the US Air Force.

Other recent goals achieved under the CH-53K King Stallion test programme are maximum weight on the single centre point cargo hook of 36,000lbs, forward flight speed of 200kt, 60-degree angle-of-bank turns, 12-degree slope landings and take-offs, external load auto-jettison, and gunfire testing.

The design of the CH-53K ensures low maintenance, reliability, high availability and increased survivability. It will be used for humanitarian aid missions, transport of troops, evacuation, support of special operations forces and search and rescue operations.


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