Environmental Protective Covers for the German NH90s

WREXHAM (UK), April 2, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo: Shephard Media

Air Covers, the leading company in design and manufacturing of advanced aircraft covers, has been awarded a contract for provision of environmental protective covers for the NH90 medium class military helicopters of the Federal Defence Forces of Germany (The Bundeswehr), reported Shephard Media.

The purpose of the ordered covers will be to reduce the maintenance costs and increase the availability of the helicopters during operations through the ensured protection against heat, salt, sand and ice, humidity, and ultra violet conditions when used in North Africa and the Arctic.

For the closest and most exact fit, it was used laser scanning, CAD modelling and five-axis milling technological methods in the process of manufacturing of the custom designed covers for the NH90 multi-role aircrafts.

A previous contract awarded to Air Covers again by the Bundeswehr was for supply of protective covers for the German Tiger helicopters.

“Aircraft maintainers and support engineers need fitted protection that’s lightweight, easy to fit and made from fully tested technical fabrics,” said John Pattinson, CEO of Air Covers and added: “It’s not hard to make a windshield wrap for an aircraft but that won’t do much for you when the aircraft is lashed to the deck in 60kts and the sea’s running through the skids. You need full protection. Sandstorms, 50 degrees below, ocean crossings and sandstorms – this is where we work.”


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