Optix Has Sold Part of Its Assets to American Optics

PANAGYURISHTE (Bulgaria), March 20, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo by Bm

In the end of 2017, the Bulgarian company OPTIX JSC (based in the town of Panagyurishte) sold part of its assets to the Canadian company American Optics Inc. – a manufacturer and distributor of rigid and flexible endoscope optics, reported the Bulgarian weekly business newspaper “Capital”.

“According to experts the deal on the transforming is among the top five most complex deals in Bulgaria for the last several years, because it is being sold not a whole business, but part of it,” Daniel Daskalov, Director “Resource Provision” at OPTIX commented the deal.

The newly established company named Micro Optix Europe will manufacture micro-optical components for medicine, which have been produced by now by OPTIX. Therefore the product profile will not be changed a lot as of the moment. The goals are world-class end products, entering new markets, and increasing of the manufacturing capacity. It will also be acquired new know-how in business management thanks to the mutual work with international partners.

The Managers of Micro Optix Europe are David John Pierce (Canada) and Petar Cholakov (Bulgaria).

Micro Optix Europe will also be based in the town of Panagyurishte in separate renovated and newly-built buildings with its own management and employees. It already has 160 employees and capital of BGN 3.95 million.

“In our two large partnership Projects – “Micro Optix Europe” and “Schölly Optix”, we aim at keeping sufficiently big share of the capital in order to be able to participate effectively in the management of our common business,” further explained Daniel Daskalov

The CEO of OPTIX, Ivan Cholakov, said that 2017 has been the most successful year since the origin of the Company and added: “The amount of the realized production is over BGN 42 million, and the sales in our whole group of companies will probably exceed BGN 80 million. Our goal is to reach BGN 100 million from sales in 2019. And in 4 years, this BGN 100 million to be the result only from the activity of the mother company OPTIX.”