Saudi Arabia Is Closer to Finalizing Another Deal for BAE’s Typhoon Jets

LONDON (United Kingdom), 10 March, 2018, Author: Galina Zdravkova (Bm), Photo: Eurofighter

Saudi Arabia is closer to finalizing a deal for a second batch of BAE’s Typhoons after signing a preliminary agreement with the UK at the end of a visit by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Great Britain, reported

“We have taken a vital step towards finalizing another order for Typhoon jets that will increase security in the Middle East and boost British industry and jobs,” commented that provisional agreement the Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson.

Typhoons are manufactured by the Eurofighter consortium, established by the unrivalled partnership between the companies BAE Systems, Leonardo – Aircraft Division, and Airbus Defence & Space. Leonardo is a major supplier of the aircraft avionics. The Typhoon jets supply chain also involves Rolls-Royce engaged for the jet engines building and lots of other smaller local companies. Only in Britain, about 15,000 employees are engaged in the manufacturing process and thousands more people are employed in the Eurofighter partner countries Germany, Spain, and Italy.

According to industry sources, that second deal for Typhoon jets between the UK and Saudi Arabia could involve partial assembly of the fighters in Saudi Arabia under the economic reform program Vision 2030, which is being implemented by the Government in Riyadh.

Presently, Saudi Arabia operates 72 BAE’s Typhoon fighters from the first batch ordered in 2007 with final delivery in the first half of 2017. The scope of the new order is 48 jets and its commercial terms are to be further discussed between the two countries.


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