Ivan Cholakov: This shooting complex is an opportunity of discovering new horizons in our manufacturing

PANAGYURISHTE (Bulgaria), February 5, 2018, Author Boyko Nikolov (Bm)

On 5th Feb. 2018 it was officially opened the new and so far the only shooting complex “Optix” in the town of Panagyurishte.

Guests of the ceremony were the District Governor of Pazardzhik Municipality Mr. Stefan Mirev, the Mayor of Panagyurishte Municipality Mr. Nikola Belishki, the Brigadier General and Commander of the 68th Special Forces Brigade – Gen. Yavor Mateev, the World Shooting Champion Anna Pelova, and representatives of the local business, guests, friends, and employees of OPTIX JSC.

“It’s the 19th time when we celebrate the Investment Day of OPTIX. We managed to establish a unique tradition at the beginning of each year to report what we have achieved the previous year. To look back and assess what we have built up during the last 12 months,” started his speech Eng. Ivan Cholakov – the Executive Manager of OPTIX JSC.

“Probably this tradition is due to the fact that we started from nothing, without resources, without buildings, without equipment, but with the clear consciousness that we are on the right path and the future should show that our strategy is correct.

The shooting complex “Optix” gives us the opportunity of discovering new horizons in our manufacturing. We will test here the products and work of our designers for being able to offer the market the best possible that can be found on the international market and to offer our customers reliable optical systems of high quality.

The shooting complex “Optix” restores another tradition as well. The citizens and guests of Panagyurishte Municipality and the region will be able to train in the complex their professional and amateur shooting skills. There are four 50-meter corridors in the complex, where it can be used any type of small arms. In addition, the electronic and multimedia system allows shooting and training of skills of hunting big and winged game, shooting at moving or fixed targets, or participation in improvised tactical activities,” underlined Eng. Cholakov in his presentation.

OPTIX JSC is one of the optical giants not only in Bulgaria, but on the Balkans as well. During the years the Company has strengthened its position in Bulgaria and on the international markets as a manufacturer of distinguishable optical systems of high-quality.

Over 800 people are employed in OPTIX JSC, and 35% of them are with higher education. The average age of the employees and workers is 35 years. Eng. Cholakov reminded that products of the Company are successfully being sold in over 45 countries and increase each year, as well as that their optical technologies guard the boundaries of six countries at the moment.

“At the moment OPTIX covers approximately 84,000 square meters and we expect that, next year, our manufacturing area will grow to 100,000 square meters. We are proud of our young engineers, specialists, and workers. We are sure that we are on the right path as what we have achieved makes us a definite leader in the sphere of optical technologies and military industry. I promise you that we will follow this path and we will follow our dreams,” concluded in his speech Eng. Cholakov.

A team of Bm was invited to test the multimedia system for simulated shooting with long-barrelled weapons. It is developed under specialized software with excellent graphical rendering and animation, as well as wide screen, which makes it effective, interesting, and fascinating when selecting a shooting event. The multimedia system allows people to gain a clear understanding of the real use of small arms, as well as to improve their skills in relation to speed and observation. In addition to long-barrelled weapons, the system allows the use of pistols.