On 5th February OPTIX Opens a New Investment Area

PANAGYURISHTE (Bulgaria), February 01, 2018, Author: Editorial Team (Bm), Photo: Pia-news.com

This year the Company puts accent on the restoration of a tradition for the citizens of the town of Panagyurishte

The shooting complex “OPTIX” is a long-expected project for the team of the Company that will be able to test, in this new complex, their optical products intended for the strategic and hunting market. In addition to the manufacturing purposes, the shooting range will be open for everybody professionally interested in handling firearms, for amateurs fond of accurate shots, and everyone, who is curious about modern optical and shooting techniques.

The complex is intended for shooting with any type of firearms at a 50-meter half-covered corridor. The multimedia shooting range will be an attraction that will provide the opportunity of improving shooting skills. It will present realistic situations of hunting of big and winged game, training shooting at moving and fixed virtual targets, participation in virtual tactical missions.

The zone of the shooters is separated from the zone of the spectators according to the license issued to the Company. The safety during shootings will be guaranteed and ensured by a shooting instructor.

The day of investments in production area and capacity of the Company – 5th February – is a tradition, which is followed by the Management over the last few years. With this new investment under the sign of its almost 20-year history the Company’s production area covers over 84,701 square meters.

On 5th February OPTIX Opens a New Investment Area


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