USA Approved a Possibility for Sale of F-35 to Belgium

WASHINGTON (USA), January 20, 2018, Author: Editorial team (Bm), Photo: Wired

The US State Department announced that they had approved the possibility for selling 34 Lockheed Martin aircrafts F-35 for the needs of the defence capabilities of Belgium. The amount of the transaction is $6.53 billion. If the transaction is realized, Belgium will be actually a new customer for Lockheed Martin and the aircrafts F-35, which are one of the most important military products of USA during the last years.

Pursuant to a contract it will be manufactured and supplied 34 conventional fighters F-35, 38 engines Pratt & Whitney F-135, as well as additional equipment.

“This possible sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the USA by helping to improve the security of an ally and partner nation which has been, and continues to be, an important force for political and economic stability in Western Europe,” the US State Department said in an especially circulated statement.

There is an actual interest in that product shown also by the governments of Finland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Reuters reported.

However, till now, the Belgian Government have not decided who to be the supplier of the new fighter aircrafts for the Belgian aviation. The circulated by the US State Department statement is a green light for sale and a sign for Belgium that USA are ready to provide one of the vital for the country products.

If Belgium chooses F-35, it will become the fourth foreign customer of Lockheed Martin that has purchased the stealth fighter after South Korea in 2014.

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During the last three months, the sales of the US giant Lockheed Martin have increased by 14%, up to $4.7 billion, thanks exactly to F-35.