The Government decided how to spend the money intended for repair of the Bulgarian MiGs

SOFIA (Bulgaria), December 29, 2017, Author Boyko Nikolov (Bm), Photo archive

On 29th Dec., the Government Press Service announced a decision of the Government from 22nd Dec., by which it is allocated the money that was intended for repair of the Bulgarian MiG-29 military aircrafts. With about BGN 53 million, it will be ensured maintenance of the information and navigation systems of the military airports and it will be repaired buildings of the military universities.

It shall be reminded that approximately BGN 80 million was intended for repair of our military squadron, and the money had to be used by the Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG”. At the beginning of December, the Ukraine Company UkrObornProm submitted a claim to the Commission for Protection of Competition of Bulgaria and thus blocked the execution of the Project.

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Thereby, the directions in which the money will go are already clear, and namely: BGN 20 million is intended for maintenance of the hardware of the communication and navigation systems of the military airports, BGN 2 million will go for repair of the airports, and BGN 1 million – for reconstruction of the building of the Military Information Service.

The buildings of the military schools will also be repaired and renovated, and the Government has redirected about BGN 28 million, of which BGN 7 million – for “G. S. Rakovski” Military Academy, BGN 16 million – for “Vasil Levski” National Military University, and BGN 5 million – for “N. Y. Vaptsarov” Naval Academy.

The rest approximately BGN 2 million will be used by the Municipalities of Elin Pelin and Aksakovo for rehabilitation of the road network and acquisition of a part of a real estate.